managementFor larger sites with frequent updates I offer site management services. This service gives you peace-of-mind that all the components are up-to-date as well as the platform. This is an important  aspect of keeping your site free from hackers and malicious content.  

I'll also offer a catastrophic-recovery plan. Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take disaster strikes and when it does the only choice is to bring the site back to the last good backup.  Fortunately backing up the site is not difficult but restoring it takes a trained technician. 


Prices are determined by the estimated amount of time needed to maintain your site.  

Base | $75/month

Monthly backups
Restore testing
Component Updates as needed

Premium | Call for estimate

Backups are performed with every component update or monthly whichever comes first
Restore testing
Component Updates as needed
Content updates (text, images, graphics, video, sound)
Photo editing/reduction
Scheduled Training