The process of designing your website is one of equal partnership and you are a major stakeholder. I will work with you to understand your needs and goals. It is my goal to produce something unique and memorable so people will want to tell their friends about you.

Google Analytics

All my sites are optimized for Google. This is essential to being found on the Internet.

The Process

It is my goal to make the process of building your new site as painless as possible. I know you’re busy. We’ll work around 

your schedule.

How to start

First it would help me to better prepare for our first meeting if you could fill out a short pre-interview form. The questions are meant to give us a starting point for our conversation.

Next we’ll set a date when to call or we can meet in person whichever you prefer. 

The purpose of this meeting is to share ideas and any questions either of us have.

Wire Framing is an industry term that describes the process of “drawing” lines on a piece of paper that represent your new site but, I prefer to do a “living” prototype. This takes a little longer but I found it makes it easier for my clients to “see” the potential of the final product and they tend to get more engaged in the process. It also means that if you like what you see a lot of the work is already done.

Once approved a 50% deposit is required or if you’re financing your site a 20% deposit is required.