6 Month 0% Financing


Terms & Conditions

  1. Your site must be hosted on the 4GsNetwork server for 6 months
  2. A deposit of 25% of the estimated cost is required before work can begin
  3. Estimated cost must be a minimum of $800
  4. All normal maintenance will be performed for the client during the 6 months
  5. Payment is due the first of each month
  6. Charles Gray reserves the right to unpublished the site if payment is not received by the 15th
  7. Additional hosting can be purchased at $150/year with the first 6 months retro active.


Payment schedule example

Cost: $1000

Down Payment: $250

Balance Due: $750

Monthly Payment: $125 ($750/6)


Hosting is available for $150/year. Your first 6 months will be deducted from the first year leaving you with a balance due of $75. This balance is due before the initial 6 month leasing period ends.