Written by Charles Gray

Today everyone carries a camera. The cell phone has become so much more than just a phone. The latest smart phones can produce incredible images and automatically post them to your favorite social media site. But, should you be putting these photos on your site? The answer is … maybe.

Today’s cameras can take very high quality photos and when saved the resulting file can be very large. Posting these large images to your site can have a negative effect. They can drastically slow down the time it takes to display the page resulting in a poor Google search engine rating. Also, after time they represent a huge space requirement so when it’s time to back up the site the results can be difficult to manage.  

This presents a challenge to someone who makes a living from the images they take such as a photographer. How do you reduce the files size to an acceptable level while maintaining the quality needed to sell the product?

There are three sizes to be aware of, the file size measured in bytes, the file dimensions and the dots-per-inch (DPI). Decreasing the dimensions while increasing the DPI will reduce the file size. When it’s critical that the resolution of the image remain as high as possible then I suggest getting a second hosting that contains nothing but photos.

Tools needed

To accomplish this you will need to have photos editing software. I use a free tool called PhotoScape.  It works on PC and Mac. Below is a quick tutorial how to use PhotoScape for this purpose.


On a side note, if quality isn't too important then posting to a social media service such as Instagram then accessing those images through a an extension or sometimes called an API will do two things, reduce the storage requirements and the size of your backup.